Welcome to the club!

The Cambridge Friendship Club is a collection of independent game developers who gather together once a week in Cambridge for meet-ups and game development jams.

When and where

Every Tuesday we get together at the CB2 Bistro in Cambridge. Anyone is welcome to come along regardless of experience. There's no pressure for you to do anything at the meet but it's probably a good idea to bring a laptop so you can work on your own stuff while you're there, or let people see what you've been working on.

Starting at 2pm and running until the evening after 6pm. We're upstairs usually at the back somewhere and we're pretty conspicuous as a bunch of game developers.


If you're thinking of coming along, let us know on twitter (via @cb2indies or #cb2indies) so we know to expect/look out for you (if you're coming in the evening, we can stay around for a bit longer). We're almost always there, but it's good to check!


This site is also as a place to share the games we've made at our game jams in previous year. Use the tabs across the top to view events we've hosted and the games that have been at them.